When you are designing a new office space, some elements tend to be forgotten. No one forgets about furniture, but signage often is failed to be remembered. Signage, however, is a crucial feature that plays a paramount role in any workspace.

Look around any professional business. You can see signage throughout the parking place’s premises, outside the building, in the interior, on the doors, among many others. Office signs add value for both your visitors and employees. It gives your office a sense of identity.

The first impression counts. Your visitors and clients form an opinion of you and your brand in a matter of seconds. Moreover, first impressions stick to their minds. You can tweak the image of your visitor forms about you by setting the stage properly. By adding professional, eye-catching office signs, you are starting your business in trustworthy, reliable, and relevant. One glance at a well-designed office sign can mean the difference between closing a deal or not.

Impressive signage also hints to your customers about your business is a well-established one. Nothing says “amateurish” like a poor-designed, poorly constructed signage, or no sign at all! Don’t give your clients the idea that your company has been around a couple of weeks, and you are not an expert!
Typography, colors, and design play a significant role in the image of a company. We are sure you spent a fair amount of resources working on your logo, taglines, and corporate image. Why not exposing these fantastic elements to your office signs? Reinforce your brand with our great-looking office signs. You can also use office signs to create the desired environment among your employees: from the corporate vision to quotes and inspirational phrases, take those blank spaces, and influence the attitude of your team positively.

Aside from impressing customers and visitors and motivating employees, office signs are an ideal tool for informational purposes. For someone new visiting your office, getting lost in the building is not the best introduction to your company. Office signs –both internal and external –help people locate your facility, and once inside, the cubicle or area they want to reach. You can also use office signs to remind staff of their duties, the company’s protocols and policies.

Signage does not have to be one important word. Be creative! Communicate with your workers, visitors, and clients with additional messaging.

The placement and content of signage can positively influence the perceived character of your workplace. Your signs’ design and style will also dictate the mood you want to promote among your premises. From casual and friendly to reliable and sturdy, make your office signs work for you and the image you are trying to portray.

From wall decals to acrylics and metal plaques, our offer is wide and varied. Seek through our catalog, place yourself in the shoes of your visitor or employee, and choose something that will create an unforgettable impression: office signs, custom made especially for you.