One of the essential tools to keep your facility safe is a “No Parking sign.” Basic and simple as it may sound, it is crucial to remind drivers to yield, stop, and not enter certain areas of your premises. The same goes for instructing them where parking is forbidden –especially for those not acquainted with your building. Parking restrictions are deeply bonded to safety regulations. For instance, the law mandates that all emergency exits should be kept unobstructed. Therefore a “No parking sign” is need on the outside part of the door. The same principle applies to fire lines, areas for loading and unloading merchandise, etc. These signs make you compliant with the law and keep your paths cleared, and your space organized. No Parking signs apply to cars and cargo vehicles, but it also applies for forklifts and alert operators of which areas they cannot park on.

The other aspect covered by a No parking sign is the avoidance of illegal parking in your lot. With our customization tools, you can add a disclaimer saying that the car will be towed in case of illegal parking. (You may even go as far as providing the tow company information, so the driver knows where his or her vehicle will be.)

Your sign’s size must comply with your states’ letter height guidelines; be aware that the larger the sign, the more can be spotted from a distance.

• Make sure you let your visitors and driver know about parking restrictions. No parking signs alert drivers that they cannot park in specific locations.
• Pick from our wide selection of No Parking signs. You will communicate with your visitors about your parking restrictions; you will keep your lot safe and cleared in case of an emergency and avoid illegal parking. Keep your parking space safe and controlled.
• If you want to enhance your parking limits, you may add a No Stopping sign. Most people think that a No parking sign applies only to when the driver leaves their vehicle unattended. A No stopping sign will alert drivers that a car may never occupy that specific spot due to government regulations, privacy concerns, or specific reasons. There are no dropping people off, no unloading or loading merchandise at this point. Depending on the state, a no parking sign can mean no parking (meaning leaving the car) while stopping means not moving your car.

Our signs are made with the highest quality and printed using modern techniques; our No parking signs are durable, clear, and eye-catching. If you want to add a comment, a clarification between no parking and no stopping, you can! We offer customization for all of your signs. Make sure to check with the state regulations first. Keep your parking lot cleared and safe.