No Cell Phone Signs

Turn around. Everyone you see has a cell phone on their hands, right? We use cell phones for virtually everything. From sending messages to keeping up with a schedule, check the weather, call people, take photos, you name it. Nonetheless, when using a phone, some places and times can be considered impolite, inadequate, and dangerous.

A No cell phone sign becomes necessary for various reasons. Smartphone technology enables us in countless ways, but there are situations where the use of this technology must be restricted. Security areas, private property, government offices, and hospitals are merely examples of places where mobiles have to be limited. Schools have different policies, but students must refrain from utilizing their telephones during classes as a rule of thumb.
Even artists are getting upset at looking into a sea of camera phones during their concerts! Therefore they are banning them. Makes sense; after all, who watches those wobbly videos anyway?

Here’s a list of places where a No cell phone sign is needed:

• A movie theater. No one enjoys a movie while the front row people are checking their phones or, even worse, taking a call.
• A theater. Attendees must wait until intermission.
• A hospital. This should be a no-brainer.
• Restaurants. Some restaurants are politely asking their customers to turn off their phones.
• The gym. Not everyone is pleased to photobomb your selfie.

There is a no better way to inform your customers, guests, or employees know that the use of cell phones is not appropriate at specific areas or times than with one of our excellent No cell phone signs.

A buzzing cell phone can represent a vital tool for many things, emergencies, business matters, etc. However, they can also mean a terrible interruption during a critical service or process. Make sure you post a No cell phone sign to maintain the peace and quiet around your premises.

You can also stop distracted drivers, keep work areas free from noise, and protect sensitive equipment by setting a No Cell Phone sign in a visible spot. Here is some compelling evidence of their relevance:

• A person who is texting while driving is 23 times more likely to crash.
• On average, phone ringtones are 76 decibels (same as a garbage truck), making the environment unsafe and highly distracting.

Phones have become a vital part of our daily life. Nonetheless, it is crucial to restrict and regulate their use to comply with others’ safety and peace guidelines. We produce high-quality, durable signs that are visually engaging and will get people’s attention.
You can engrave your message on textured plastic or any other material. You can choose a sign for indoors or outdoors, as our signs do not fade and have a long lifespan.

For safety, etiquette, and privacy reasons, people need to be reminded that the use of cell phones is not universal. Make your environment a peaceful place with one of our excellent No cell phone signs. Customization is available if you want to add information or details.