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Home address signs help mark your location, but they also enhance your property with a design element that makes your home distinguishable.

If you are hesitant about which style and size to choose, please consider the following factors:

• Visibility. Above all, your home address sign should be easy to read. The visibility can genuinely make a difference during an emergency, plus the goal is to make your address easy to reach. Please take into consideration night times, so be sure to place them in a lit area.
• Size. Before choosing a size, check your city or county rules to avoid potential fines. A as a rule of thumb, 4″ or larger is ideal. This way, you are making sure passersby can read them from the street.
• Material. All of our home address signs are made of durable, long-lasting materials! The last thing you want is rusted or faded numbers that decrease the curb appeal of your home. Pick a material that matches your property’s style.
• Contrast. If your house is white, do not go with beige signs. Opt for colors that stand out. A quick tip: if your house has a distracting background (e.g., a brick home), choose a sign that has a backplate. We offer terrific options that will make the letters stand out and do not blend with the back texture.
• Placement. Being original is part of decorating your house. But home address signs should be the exception. You don’t want to keep people guessing! Think of the first thing your visitors notice at your house. Is it the front door? Then probably that’s a good spot for your address sign. Is the front door too far from the street? Then it would help if you chose another place.

A few other considerations:
· Use Arabic numerals. Writing numbers in words should be avoided.
· While the color of the numbers and the background should contrast with each other, the two’s alignment should be the same. Avoid vertical signs with numbers aligned horizontally (and vice versa).

We are confident you will find what you’re looking for among our wide selection with all the different needs and styles. We carry signs with backplates, panel models, single post styles, and many other types.

We carry classy, elegant designs that will enhance your upscale property and will last for many years. Our signs are lightweight, crafted with high-quality materials, specially made to resist weather and other outdoor conditions.

Discover the best home address signs, address plaques, and other designs in acrylic, wood, metal, brass, plastic, and other materials. Please search through our catalog. Do you want something different? That’s not a problem! We can customize our home address signs to fit your needs and preferences.

For safety, for clarity, and to give your home a touch of your style, pick a home address sign today.