In any company, bathroom signs are essential. Employees, visitors, and customers require to have clear signage of where your restrooms are located. You also need to make sure you have the correct ADA-compliant restroom signage for people with disabilities.

Bathroom signs are required by law in every business, office, restaurant, and other gathering space. Proper signage is also a vital part of your customer service –it is not something you wish to leave to your clients’ imagination.
Before, the need for bathroom signs was reduced to “men” and “women”, however new laws and preferences have expanded these options. Some facilities have opted for having a unisex bathroom; others offer their visitors family restrooms –which have proved to be very convenient for families with small children or special needs. You must include bathroom signage that complies with federal and state regulations.

Depending on your organization’s nature, you may want to add customization making the signage plain and basic or even funny (such as for kids).
Bathroom signage also includes directional signs and bathroom etiquette signs. The first ones are mandatory by law where all public –and many private –buildings must contain signage helpful for disabled individuals and where to locate the nearest restroom. Bathroom etiquette signs are all of those that indicate guidelines for visitors and employees. E.g. “Please wash your hands”, or “Please deposit toilet paper in the trash can” etc. Whatever the requirements or the preferences, they have to be included in your restroom signage.

You can customize your bathroom signage, meaning you can tailor them according to your needs. All of our signs are appealing, clear, durable, and ADA-abiding, with Braille’s option, raised pictograms, and text.

The fact that bathroom sings are mandatory by law does not mean you have to settle for plain grey letters. The term “restroom signs” brings a standard picture to mind –as most establishments use the same type to avoid confusion. With this correct mindset, restroom signs often include the same pictograms and font type. Many even use the same color combinations. There’s absolutely wrong with following the norms and conventions.

Nonetheless, there’s always the chance to tweak the design a little bit without making them so different that people wouldn’t recognize them. Adding a bit of personalization turns your bathroom signs in something belonging to your company and brand. It sets a simple object into a beautiful piece of décor that enhances your visitors’ perception of your facility and company.

Some of the options include funny bathroom signs (for more relaxed environments such as bars and restaurants), pictogram only signs (which are self-explanatory without including the word restroom in it), and, text-only signs (which, coincidentally is where people add more customization too, such as distinctive fonts and designs).

Whatever your preferences and needs, choose ADA-compliant signs to enhance your visitor’s experience.